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Call Accounting and Phone Reporting Software

Calltrak call accounting and phone reporting systems are designed to cater for business of all size. Using a web-based interface, you can examine your phone system network. Whether you have one PBX or many differing vendor's PBX's, using one Calltrak Call accounting application, the complete voice network information is now readily available.

Calltrak is browser based call accounting software designed using Microsoft technologies and incorporating SQL Server database architecture. With installations ranging in size from a few extensions to greater than 30,000 extensions, a robust and reliable Telephone Information Management System (TIMS) is ensured.

Calltrak will process data from differing phone system vendors. Through one Calltrak call accounting application, we can collect data from remote collection sites and process information. Being browser based the call accounting application can be accessed from any location with access to the network.

Calltrak call accounting and billing has helped our clients find solutions to

Bill clients for their phone usage and additional charges across multiple sites
Monitor Call center performance
Compare extension or branch performance against others
Show lost or abandoned calls and provide reporting for calls unanswered
Determine the answer rate and response time of lost calls
Network analysis, fault diagnosis and trunk optimisation
Phone reconciliation
Report on the CDR / SMDR datastream and provide call accounting for Cisco systems, Avaya, NEC, Mitel, Nortel, Samsung, Panasonic etc
Real time display of daily call accounting and network activity
Reduce telecommunications and phone network costs
Identify faulty trunks

Phone system reporting with an interface to any traditional PBX phone system as well as modern IP based telephony systems, providing a call accounting and billing solution for any environment.

Alcatel Lucent

Avaya Communication Manager

Avaya INDex

Avaya IP Office

Cisco Call Manager

Cisco Call Manager Express

Cisco UC500

LG Ipecs

Mitel 3300 ICP

NEC Univerge SV8100 SV8300

NEC SL1000

Nortel BCM 50

Nortel Meridian SL1

Nortel CS1000E

Panasonic KX-TDA Series

Samsung 7000 Series

Siemens HiPath


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Samples only a small subset from the vast array offered by Calltrak call accounting

Call Reports

Calltrak call accounting reports are designed for phone system reconciliation, recovering phone costs by call category and billing users and breaking down calls by interval analysis. Interval analysis is useful for Call centre purposes and the Erlang C reports are used to determine staffing levels, average response times and service levels.

Traffic Reports

Traffic reports are designed for analysing phone network usage and performance and optimising lines required. They are useful in fault diagnosis of PBX lines

Exception Reports

These call accounting reports are used for adhoc queries, such as who called where, when and how did the call get there and what are the call costs?

Account Code

Account Code reports are used to identify account code usage on a detailed or a summary format from any extension they are generated on. We can also charge back the call accounting costs to an account code.

Incoming Response

This series of reports identifies only incoming call activity and notes call tallies, if any abandoned incoming calls, how long the phone rings prior to abandoning, the average talk time, how long before calls are returned and the answer rate ie ratio of answered to abandoned calls.


This series of reports will allow an extension, department, division or PBX site to be compared with others in egards to volume of call activity. We also display the proportionate percentage of call activity relative to others. Excellent tool to be used to measure performance against others.


Using the unanswered callers report, we can identify any callers who were unsucessful in contacting someone or callers that may have gone to a voicemail number and call not returned. From a customer service perspective this is useful in returning lost calls and offering exceptional customer service.


Indial reports will display incoming activity to a particular number and identify extensions answering the incoming calls. Useful in identifying incoming numbers for an advertising campaign or when the phone system is a hosted PBX, to identify calls coming into a client number.