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Phone System Customer Service Reporting

Calltrak allows call center performance to be easily identified and reported on. For each agent or extension, we can determine their incoming activity detailed or summarised. We can look at call center or any department and division performance including data such as the number of incoming or inbound calls taken, calls that have been transferred, how long the phone rings prior to being answered, the talk time and any abandoned calls that may have occurred. This data is used in calculating agent KPI values. Scheduling the report to be emailed to staff on a routine basis will enhance customer service experience by ensuring all callers that have abandoned are called back. Each agents answer rate is also identified.

Using the compare features of Calltrak, we can also compare the busiest extension, department, division or site (branch). This allows for determining high performance or high call volume users.

Calltrak is used in various industries and applications. Client's use Calltrak for

Call Center KPI analysis. Use these measurements to analyse performance of agents.

Compare each agent or extension against others.

Compare call volume of cost centres (or branches) against other's performance.

Improve customer service experience!