Mitel 3300 ICP Call Accounting

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Call Accounting and Phone Reporting for Mitel 3300 ICP

Analyse Mitel 3300 ICP call centre performance using Calltrak call accounting
Identify ring time, lost calls and extension phone usage
Identify calls answered within a time frame and calculate customer service level using erlang C analysis
Interval analysis allowing busy times to be identified and allocating staff
Robust and reliable call accounting software
Totally user maintainable including flexible telecomms call pricing
Phone reporting and call billing solution with the ability to recover extra charges such as line rental, voicemail, handset rental etc.
Multi site reporting with differing phone system vendors on one call accounting application
Schedule and email call billing and phone system reports
Mitel 3300 ICP phone bill reconciliation and call accounting
Compare extension, department, division and site usage for the Mitel 3300 ICP network
Analyse incoming KPI for extension usage including answer rate and lost calls and talk time etc
Identify abandoned incoming calls or calls gone to voicemail and the time to return the calls on the Mitel 3300 ICP" telephony

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Calltrak Call accounting software will collect CDR from Mitel 3300 ICP telephony by the IP Client Connection method. As CDR is collected, it is processed by the Calltrak services and stored in a centralised SQL Server database. Calltrak will collect from Mitel 3300 ICP installations or other phone vendors and generate call accounting reports using the Crystal reports reporting engine where the reports may be further exported or emailed. All the innovative features of Calltrak are accessed by a web browser such as Internet Exporer or Chrome.

Calltrak is used to monitor phone usage by call center agents, call billing and recovering additional costs such as line rental, handset rental etc.

To configure Calltrak for Mitel 3300 ICP call accounting, select the Mitel 3300 ICP PBX Type from the site details configuration option.

Mitel 3300 ICP Call Accounting schematic

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This software has incredible functionality. The feature flexibility is unsurpassed and the software is so user friendly that you need no training. Additionally, customer support is excellent. Three cheers for uniqueness and the "Never say Never" attitude from Calltrak. Any modifications required were accommodated with ease. Our preferred choice of software for all our customers.

Pravneel Nand,
ICT Engineer,
VT Solutions Ltd, Fiji