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PBX Traffic Dimensioning

Erlang B values are used to identify the most busy period and based on the Erlang value, Calltrak can recommend the number of telephone lines required to reach a grade of service so that 1 call in 20 is lost, down to 1 call in a thousand. Using the Erlang B value, with a Coding algorithm, we can also determine the bandwidth required in a Voip environment.

When routes and trunks are identified, Calltrak will display each trunk number, the call flow to the lines and if they are not working, will highlight the lines so that the phone and voice network engineer can easily identify faulty phone lines within the PBX.

Calltrak is used in various industries and applications. Client's use Calltrak for

Determine if all phone lines are working

Using Erlang B analysis, determine if enough lines are configured so that calls can get through and calls can get out.

Optimise phone system and identify phone network faults