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Lost Call Recovery

Any incoming calls with a Calling Line ID that are not answered are identified by Calltrak as lost calls. The Lost Call Recovery option of Calltrak will identify any unanswered calls and display them in an easy to understand grid. If the caller is called back, the lost call is flagged as returned and whether the call was returned in under an hour or more is identified. Calltrak also recognises if the caller calls back and flags the call automatically.

Coupled with reports available in Calltrak, each user can have an individual report of lost calls, scheduled to be emailed to them on an hourly basis or as often as required.

Special extensions such as voicemail may also be included, allowing all calls to be returned, even if the user has left a message.

Calltrak is used in various industries and applications. Client's use Calltrak for

Retail industry. When there are multiple branches or businesses networked into Calltrak, we can return calls to clients that have hung up while waiting to be served.

Customer service perspective. Don't lose any potential customers.

Don't lose potential clients!