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Call Accounting

Calltrak Call accounting will provide call costs at detailed as well as summary levels for your company. The ability to identify each extension's call costs is available through various formats and sorted based on cost center structure. Call accounting information is used for budgeting requirements. Unique call tariffs/rates may be entered as required including individual client dialling numbers allowing the user to identify client inbound and outbound call activity.

Calltrak is used in various industries and applications. Client's use Calltrak for

Identifying personal and business calls and charging staff for their personal usage

Recovering phone usage made on behalf of clients

Charging departments or individual client's for phone usage incurred in leased office space

In a hosted environment, charge residents for phone costs incurred in serviced offices or accomodation

Phone Bill reconciliation

Recovering additional costs such as line rental, voicemail, handsets etc

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