Enterprise Call Accounting and Phone Reporting

Clients include

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Intuitive call accounting software

WEB interface

Unlimited Extensions and Trunks

Multi Site call reporting, with differing phone system vendors on one CALLTRAK call accounting application

Real time display of phone and line usage

Export call accounting reports to Excel, pdf, word or html formats

Scheduled phone system reports emailed directly to user accounts

Robust and Reliable call accounting and totally user maintainable

Flexible and user configurable Call accounting solution

Call billing Solution with the ability to recover extra charges eg Line rental, Voicemail etc

Competitive Pricing

One click daily activity call accounting reports

Tailor Call accounting report templates to meet your needs

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Business Usage

Phone system reporting and call accounting

Call cost and budgeting allocation

Telephone Network analysis and trunk diagnosis to optimise line requirements and identify faulty lines

Phone extension and agent comparison

Identify extension lost or abandoned incoming calls

Identify incoming call answer rate and how many calls abandoned

Phone bill reconciliation

Phone reporting and Call accounting based on interval and call category analysis including Local, STD, IDD, Mobile, Fax etc

Top 30 Expensive calls, duration, cost reporting

Fraud detection

Erlang C analysis for agents required to reach a service level

Determine unused extensions for phone system licencing

Display average ring time and calls answered with Calltrak call accounting software

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